3 Little Known Tips for Cardio

I’ve got a confession to make…

In the year 2018, I’ve seen so many articles on cardio that it even made me confused! Everything from don’t with it “good night to cardio” to cardio is worthless to HIIT training and all kinds of crazy ideas. There’s anti-cardio gurus and cardio masters.

At times, cardio seems like a diet plan.

Let me explain that…

With a diet, you have so many foods to choose from that you can literally make any combination up and call it a “diet.”

Cardio seems to be that way lately. There’s a lot you can do with your cardio workouts. Keep them short, make them intense, do all kinds of machines, do it every day, do it once a week, don’t use machines at all but go outside and run hills… etc. List goes on and on.

Let’s try and answer the question of the best time to do cardio and how much recovery after your weight sessions you need in order to get workout but without burning up any precious muscle.

3 Simple Steps to Effective Cardio Workouts

1- Use cardio as a tool.

Cardiovascular exercise is good for the heart. However, so is weight training. And lifting weights and building muscle will do more to get you leaner than 6 spin classes 6 times a week.

If your goal is to build muscle and gain weight or burn off the fat, then use cardio sparingly as a way to your goal. Continue reading

Cardio for Rookies

Weight training is an important aspect of the bodybuilding process, but what about the forgotten exercise commonly known as cardio. Cardio is just , if not more important than weight training itself and should be at the top of every trainee`s to-do list. In this article, I am going to give you a run down on the different types of cardio that can be done and the benefits of doing cardiovascular exercise.

The definition of cardiovascular, according to dictionary.com, means of, relating to, or involving the heard and blood vessels. Basically, anything that elevates your heart rate to burn calories would be considered cardio. The most important thing is to always be moving. A sedentary lifestyle will only lead to obesity and you definitely don`t want that, especially if you are involved with fitness. There are many positive benefits of doing cardiovascular exercise. Your mind will benefit most because cardio helps reduce stress and keeps you in a positive mental state. Not only that, but your body will be benefitting from an increased lung capacity, higher metabolism, and increased blood flow to your brain. If you have a job that keeps you active then there is no need to add more cardio. Continue reading

The Perfect Cardio For Burning Fat Speedily

If you want to discover the best way to burn fat speedily with no wasting endless hours of one’s life on a stationary bike or treadmill, then this manual was written for you personally. Particularly, we’re going to appear in the most helpful form of cardio: HIIT. By the time you have finished reading, you’ll know why that is the optimal type of cardio. So let’s start.

Firstly, what exactly is HIIT? This is an acronym which stands for High Intensity Interval Training. The fundamental notion is always to alternate amongst exercising with high intensity, and exercising with low intensity. Not surprisingly, this could be incredibly physically demanding – so if you’re incredibly out of shape, it might not be attainable for you just yet. In fact, even when you are in great shape, it can be a struggle – that’s why there are lots of unique protocols you can adhere to to progressively improve your capability.

A single in the easiest strategies to get started with HIIT is to sprint for 30 seconds, then jog for 60 seconds, that is a straightforward 1:two ratio. This can operate to burn the fat very promptly, and you’ll only have to do that for 20 to 30 minutes per session to gain outstanding health positive aspects.

What is more, there are many extra positive aspects you’ll expertise if you incorporate HIIT into your life. These benefits include: enhanced insulin sensitivity, enhanced lactate threshold, and an improved aerobic capacity. It goes without having saying that these benefits are a strong addition to your fat burning arsenal. Also, quite a few research show that HIIT coaching causes a considerable oxygen debt within the body – which indicates you’ll continue to burn lots of more calories even following you have finished your workout. Continue reading